Making a claim under the SR&ED program can be a very confusing and intimidating process for a typical company. We take the mystery and complexity out of this process by our systematic approach to the claim. Our methodology is simple and streamlined.

Step 1 – Planning

We start our assignment with a complete review and analysis of the structures already in place at your company. This helps us to identify all SR&ED eligible activities, related documentation, and cost allocation methods. We will be meeting your high-level technical and financial managers during this process and plan the execution of Step 2.

Step 2 – Preparing and Filing

Once all major SR&ED activities are identified, we then set out to prepare a claim by assembling accounting and technical documents to support the claim. This process involves:

  • Analysis of technical issues for each SR&ED project.
  • Analysis and assimilation of costs and cost-related documentation for each SR&ED project.
  • Preparation of relevant Federal and Provincial Claim forms and relevant information to be filed.
  • Filing of the claim within timeliness permitted by CRA.

Step 3 – Follow up with CRA

After a claim is filed, we rigorously follow up with CRA (and the Provincial Governments, wherever applicable) to get the claim reviewed and finalized so that your Company can get the refund/credit from the claim as soon as possible. This process involves:

  • Setting up and coordinating CRA reviews of the technical summaries and financial claim figures.
  • Assisting your company in resolving all issues related to the claim.
  • Providing all necessary information to CRA to finalize the claim.
  • Following up with CRA until an assessment/(reassessment) for the Claim is received.

Step 4 – Ongoing Advisory Services

As our engagement with your company continues, so does our commitment even after a claim is accepted by CRA and a refund/credit is issued. We work continuously with your Company and provide you with relevant feedback based upon our experience with your prior claim to make your Company more SR&ED credit compliant in the future in order to:

  • Make the information gathering process less intrusive in the future.
  • Increase awareness in your Company to identify SR&ED projects with greater ease.
  • Maximize the future claims of your company by implementing a “SR&ED directed tax planning” model.

This is “our end-to-end and beyond” service, intended to make it a totally painless process for your company to receive much deserved SR&ED credits.